Quinta das Laranjeiras Rural Campsite is a 15-minute drive from Ponta Delgada Airport. It is located on the north coast of the Island of S. Miguel, in the coucil of Ribeira Grande and integrated in the area named “Areias” de Rabo de Peixe Village. The coast of the Rabo de Peixe village is strongly related to fishing activity, while the interior, in the “Areias” area, is more related to agricultural production. This area is composed of several Farms  that are responsible for a large part of the agricultural and fruit production that supplies the Island of São Miguel. It’s where the Quinta das Laranjeiras Rural Campsite is located. Campsite Quinta das Laranjeiras is located in Canada Roda do Pico, 30, in the village of Rabo de Peixe. For water sports lovers, the Quinta das Laranjeiras Campsite is a 10-minute drive from both Santa Bárbara Beach (at the North side) and Praia das Milícias (South Beach).

Transport to/from the campsite Quinta das Laranjeiras

– Due to the location of the Park and the locations of the tourist places to visit we advise to hire a car (contact us) ;
– By Bus, you can get information here: http://www.smigueltransportes.com | The nearest bus stop to the campsite is the one in front of the “Agriloja” shop, being the official name “caldeirão” bus stop. After leaving, go straight ahead (North), pass in front of the Supermarket “SOLMAR”  until you reach the gas station “Repsol”, from this point until the campsite, there are signs indicating the Campsite Quinta das Laranjeiras;
– For a “Transfer” service consult us;
– Taxi.