About Us


The Campsite has an area of 4500 m2 and is part of a property with 5600 m2, and can receive 90 campers in 30 lodging units (tents pitchs).

Since 2004, at the time of its acquisition, the current owner is recovering the “Quinta” (Farm) by planting several fruit trees, restoring its original use, which had been transformed into pasture.

The structure of the Campsite, in particular the subdivision, the shaded areas, allow the camper the permanent contact with nature, as well as a pure and serene environment, which will bring to the camper the desired tranquility, providing the good moments of pleasure and well-being.

The Campsite is subdivided into small areas, called “Quarteis” that are isolated by hedges. These, in addition to their main role, which consists in protecting the fruit trees from the stong winds, also allow greater privacy among the campers.

The Rural Campsite Quinta das Laranjeiras offers several accommodation options, such as:

Beyond the normals tents pitches, we also have Mobile-Homes, Home-Vans, Sibley Tents and Suspended Tents, equipped to provide you with all the facilities to be in full harmony with the natural environment that this location offers.The Campsite also offers services such as: rental and installation of tents, equipped with inflatable mattress, sleeping-bag rental, living room, games room, Wi-Fi, playground, panoramic tower, barbecue area and firewood, kitchen , private parking, in addition to the normal services of camping, such as hot water, electricity, among others. In addition to the traditional tents, we also have a hanging tent. This tent works as a hammock and can accommodate up to 3 people. This option will certainly provide an incredible experience that will take you to a different level of freedom and comfort.

The Campsite promotes access for people with reduced mobility.



The ENVIRONMENTAL component is taken very seriously at Quinta das Laranjeiras Rural Camping, in this sense we promote:

– Collection of rainwater and reuse for sanitary waters and irrigation;
– The WC’s are equipped with movement sensors to activate the lights and have double flush cisterns
– The use of low consumption lamps – LED;
– Timers for lighting control in some areas of the Cempsite;
– Selective waste collection in the Campsote and forwarding to an appropriate destination;
– Process of composting the organic waste carried out locally.

To prove this environmental component, since 2017 we have been awarded as a Green Key establishment.

You are housed in a Green Key establishment that makes an extra effort to protect the environment and therefore the Climate. We have developed improvements to ensure that our activity and your stay as our client are both “Greener”. The Green Key program is an international award, which is awarded to establishments that meet a set of environmental requirements in different areas. The establishment should, for example, introduce an environmental management system, reduce energy and water consumption, separate and recycle waste, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, promote the use and consumption of organic products, avoid chemical herbicides and much more.

When you choose to stay in a Green Key establishment, you are helping to protect the environment. The Green Key program is under development in more than 50 countries. In Portugal, the program is coordinated by ABAE. Learn more at www.abae.pt, or http://www.greenkey.global/



The climate of the Azores is always an variable difficult to predict due to its daily variation, a this unpredictability of the weather is one of the characteristics of these islands, being able in a single day to occur the 4 seasons of the year.

In order to control this variable the Campsite has instaled a weather station, which gathers information about the weather conditions, so you can view this information either on the spot, through the digital dashboard with the meteorological data, or online, so you can better prepare your day.

Should you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your entire disposal