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The Rural Camping Park “Quinta das Laranjeiras” has an area of 5600 m2 and currently it’s being converted from pasture (current use) to fruit farm. To archive this goal, the owners are preceding with the plantation of diverse kind of fruit trees, recovering its primitive use. We are equally planting trees walls (Live walls –“Sebes”), this configuration will produce areas that are known as “Quartéis”, these walls have the function of protecting the fruit trees from the wind’s action.

The Rural Camping Park is composed of “Quarteis” that are isolated between itself with live walls “sebes” (incense shelters), providing the proper and necessary privacy to the usuries. Each “Quartel” has an approach area of 200 m2, and each one has the name of one of the species of fruit tree that is planted there.

The “Quartel” is the place where its possible to assembly the tents, it has some fruit trees, and also exists allusive decoration elements of our cultural patrimony, and urban furniture such as rock banks. It is also possible making fire places and “barbacues”for those who enjoy it, just as long as you take propore percotions with the fruit trees.